Champion One. Champion All

CHAMPION ONE. CHAMPION ALL. is a digital photography exhibition, showcasing 33 portraits of individuals from Merseyside who have and continue to contribute positively to the black music scene.

The sounds of this city are not defined by one aspect of colour or ethnicity. However, we listen and savour the tones that have contributed to the steeple that has helped engrave an essence in our city’s identity, partnered by those of black heritage and surrounding.

Liverpool breaks tradition and follows only the determined; the determined to understand, the determined to create, the purposeful will be spirited. Music and sounds hand us as people that first ripple in what can be our ocean if we choose to see what has yet been unrecognized. New creators in music are emerging everyday within Liverpool, ethnically together; communicating a dialogue that encourages and unify traditions while emerging sounds make way for the path we are now on.

The collection of individuals here display a sense of feeling, the city has been missing. This is no doubt a celebration of what we have created and contributed to the centre of where black music has as rich a space as anywhere in the world.

Produced By: Anthony Wilde In Partnership With National Museums Liverpool

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