Launch Event

The launch event of ON RECORD 2020 features performances by iconic masters of music The Real Thing and The Christians joined by MiC Lowry, Jennifer John, Hannah Lynch and many more.

Untold Film Shorts

A series of four short documentaries that take you on a historical journey, retelling many important, yet often unheard and unheralded, stories from Liverpool’s music scene.

Beneath The Merseybeat

A four-part podcast series focusing on how Black American music found its way to Liverpool post-war and the impact these sounds had on Liverpool and its music scene.

The Influence Of Black Music On The Beatles

Join Mark Lewisohn, the acknowledged world authority on The Beatles, for his unique two-part interview around the Black artists and Black Music genres that inspired the Fab Four from Liverpool.

In Conversation

A wide range of IN CONVERSATIONS featuring individuals with close connections to the music industry. Hear their stories and personal experiences.

The Group Chat Podcast

The series of four visualised podcasts focus on the lives and challenges of four contemporary Black Music professionals in Merseyside.

Culture Deck Live Sessions

A series of 6 individual live music performances by a diverse set of artists from across the city region. The performances reflect the breadth of Black Music genres and are followed by short interviews.


The ON RECORD PLAYLISTS have been created in celebration of Black Music in Liverpool and the role it has played in our ever-evolving city and communities over the past 70 years.

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